Cape Winelands tour

Experience the surreal Winelands tour on a fun, well planned and informative day out tasting wine with great people, top notch tour guides giving you the inside story and incredible scenery around every corner of our Cape Winelands.

When one reflects on the splendours of the Cape’s – lush green valleys, rugged mountains, beauty of the flora then the Cape Winelands that houses the Western Cape’s three major wine valleys; Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschoek are usually top of the list. The Cape Winelands are some of the most scenic in the world and wine tourism is one of South Africa’s fastest growing industries. South Africa also has the largest number of Fairtrade certified wineries in the world.

Enjoy some of the best wines in the world and beautiful scenery

Cape Winelands Tour

The Cape Winelands tour will take you back to history with the aim to acquit yourself with the arrival of different European cultures that have since integrated with locals making South Africa a country diverse and unique, priding itself in the art of winemaking. The world-renowned Cape Winelands is situated about an hour’s drive from the Cape Town. The Cape Winelands is a true gem for any wine connoisseur or novice alike. The long history and heritage of this wine region married with time-tested traditions and techniques make for some truly remarkable wines.

A fun, daily group wine tour, packed with wine tastings, cheese tasting, a cellar tour and more. Make new friends, have a laugh and experience the famous Cape Winelands first hand on our daily wine tour from Cape Town all while learning about and enjoying some of the best wines in the world.


cheese tasting at cape winelandsOn the start of our Cape Winelands tour we will depart from Cape Town after picking you up from your hotel and head towards the east to the famous town of Stellenbosch, the second oldest town European settlement after Cape Town. A pre-dominantly Afrikaans speaking town boasting a number of significant Dutch architectural designs, museums and a wide range of over 100 wine farms. In Stellenbosch we will be visiting a wine farm for some wine tasting and participating in a cellar tour and continuing the Cape Winelands tour with a self-walk through the streets of Stellenbosch and browsing through a variety of boutique store and to witness the enticing Dutch buildings.


Our tour of the Cape Winelands proceeds with a scenic drive to Franschoek, a wine valley to the east of Stellenbosch and south-west of Paarl known for its French feel. This beautiful town is of historical importance to the French Huguenots, a group of descendants who fled Europe due to religious wars in the 1600’s. The valley affords guests an opportunity to have a glimpse of what the Huguenots heritage preserved in the area. The Cape Winelands tour will include a journey through the history of Franschoek with a cheese bite and a good glass of wine as we visit one of the top wine farms in the area. After some wine tasting we continue the Cape Winelands tour with a drive to the top of the mountain pass for a photo stop with panoramic views back across the valley.


By now we are deep in the Cape Winelands and we depart to Paarl, originally a Khoi-Khoi and San people area. Paarl welcomed its first European traders in the 1600’s. Similar to Stellenbosch the Cape Dutch architecture thrives in Paarl with a good fusion of the French Huguenots and European settlers of Dutch descendants. Paarl is also famous for its “Pearl of Paarl” a big granite mountain which is an iconic site for the town.Cape Winelands Cape Town cellars

On our arrival in Paarl for the Cape Winelands tour, we will pass by the Afrikaans Language Monument en route to our last wine farm of the tour. We will stopping at Fairview Wine and Cheese Estate, situated on 350 hectares of decomposed granite soil on the south western slopes of the Paarl Mountain, Fairview Wine Estate is one of the pioneers of wine production in the region. You will have the opportunity to taste and pair your favorite premier tiered wines with a variety of goat’s cheese in a delightfully relaxed ambiance that was formerly one of the farm’s old wine cellars.

After a splendors time at the wine farm and enjoying all the wonders that the Cape Winelands tour has to offer we will make our way back to Cape Town and drop you off at your hotel.

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