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Featuring a wonderful melting pot of cultures, cuisines and landscapes. . . there’s nowhere quite like Cape Town. The Mother City a singular beautiful metropolis crowned by the magnificent Table Mountain National Park.

With its majestic Table Mountain backdrop, Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city of Cape Town watched over the significant Table Mountain is South Africa’s oldest town and one of South Africa’s most precious jewels.

Experience diverse cultures, rich historical and cultural heritage and the pristine white beaches that sweep along the coastline.

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If fear is holding you back from visiting, banish it because you’re missing out on seeing a very special place. Of course, as with anywhere, you travel in the world, it’s important to observe a common sense approach to safety. Always beware of pickpockets, don’t get wasted and walk around the streets alone late at night or have expensive stuff hanging off you and your wallet precariously balancing in your back pocket.

The tap water in Cape Town is most definitely drinkable and, in fact, it’s some of the best in the world! So, cut down on single-use plastics by bringing a refillable water bottle with you and filling it up as you go. You’ll save money and the environment while staying hydrated.

There’s a lot to see and do in Cape Town so be sure to wear very comfortable footwear when getting ready for a day out. Pop on a pair of comfortable sneakers, walking shoes or speciality sandals if you prefer. Just make sure you’ll be able to spend a whole day in them.

In Cape Town locals treat people how they want to be treated. This means they are incredibly loving, kind, respectful, welcoming and inclusive. LGBTQ+ community are loved, valued and welcome members of society. In South Africa, everyone’s welcome! Cape Town is also known as the pink city after all.

“Just now” – It isn’t an actual measure of time and doesn’t really refer to right now, this minute. More accurately, it refers to an undetermined amount of time and if someone says they’re going to come and pick you up ‘just now’ you needn’t rush to get ready.

“Now-now” – Where, ‘just now,’ is a vague indication of time, ‘now-now’ is an urgent one and means something like, ‘right now!’ So if someone tells you they’re coming to pick you up ‘now-now’ you really do need to rush.

“Robot” – No, you won’t see any actual robots rolling around the streets of Cape Town. Robot refers to a traffic light or stoplight. Awesome, right?!

“Shame!” – This is one of my favourites! It doesn’t mean ‘shame on you,’ it’s more of an expression of empathy, kind of like, ‘oh no,’ or, ‘what a shame.’

“Is it?” – I love this one too! It’s not a real question, more of a rhetorical, exclamatory phrase like, ‘really?’

“Lekker” – Another fantastic word when you hear it said in an Afrikaans accent. Lekker is an expression of positive sentiment like, ‘awesome.’


Cape Town is undoubtedly one of the most internationally recognized cities. Cape Town receives regular accolades which are related to lifestyle, opportunities, service offerings and overall living standards. From 2011 onwards, Cape Town has received numerous accolades, including amongst others:

Cape Town is named the World’s Leading Festival and Events Destination at the 2018 World Travel Awards

Cape Town International Airport voted Best in Africa 2016/2017/2018 (Skytrax World Airport Awards, 2018)

Featured in Fodor’s Go list 2017

Cape Town votes Best African business tourism event destination in 2017 (International Congress and Conventionn Association, ICCA, 2017). It is the fourth consecutive win for the city.

Cape Town has been named as Luxury City Destination of the Year for the Second Consecutive Year in the Travel Luxury Guide Africa and Middle East Awards 2016

Awarded the Conde Naste Reader’s Traveler Awards 2016 for Best Overseas City for Restaurant’s and Bars, as well as the Second Best Overseas City in the World

Best City Award 2016 (The Telegraph Awards)

The Cape Town International Convention Centre was voted as the Best Conference and Events Venue in South Africa (SACCI, 2015-2016)

The Best City in the World (Telegraph Travel Award 2015/2016)

Top City in Africa and the Middle East (Travel and Leisure’s annual online poll 2015)

Word’s Best Luxury and Entertainment Lifestyle Destination (Ethisphere 2015)

Number 1 convention city in Africa and Middle East (International Congress and Convention Association, 2012-2015)

World Design Capital 2014

Number 1 on the New York Times 52 Places to Go in 2014 (Conde Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards for 2013)

Best Airport in Africa and Airport Staff Service Excellence 2010-2015 (Skytrax, 2010-2015)

One of the Top 10 Cheapest global travel cities (TripAdvisor, 2013)

In Conde Nast’s Reader’s Choice Awards, Cape Town took the honour as the number one food city in the World 2016

The 2015/2016 Telegraph Travel Awards chose Cape Town as Best City (for the fourth year running)

One of the Top African Cities in Africa and the Middle East (Conde Nast Traveles Readers’ Choice Awards for 2013

One of the Top 10 beaches in the World (National Geographic 2013)

Africa’s Leading Meetings and Conference Destination (Word Travel Awards 2013)

One of the World’s Top 20 cities 2010 (Conde Naste Traveler Readers’ Travel Awards)

One of the World’s Most Beautiful Cities 2010 (Forbes)

One of the World’s Top 10 Most Loved Cities (CNN)