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We are a transportation company backed by years of experience and pride ourselves in delivering an authentic Cape Town experience for our clients. Our employees are knowledgeable, passionate and well trained to meet your needs, in a wide range of tours we offer. We thrive on excellent delivery of services and have had countless
happy clients. We seek not only to render the best of services in our tours but to also
ensure that your intercultural experiences within Cape Town are full filling, and infuse diversity acceptance and tolerance of our uniqueness as people of this world in you.

BOSCH TRAVEL & TOURS contributes towards the upliftment of communities, through employment of local and experienced qualified guides. Financial contributions are made towards the communities that house the Jewels you long to see. BOSCH TRAVEL & TOURS is a responsible and reliable organisation with a purpose to serve you in the best possible way.

Our call centre is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is manned by a dedicated team of professionals who are focused on ensuring you get the service you deserve! 

  • The mission of BOSCH TRAVEL & TOURS is to empower communities to create opportunities for individual independence.
  • We strive to reinstate unity and apply Ubuntu. 
  • A company that brings equality through service.
  • To make our brand work for the people.
  • To create opportunities for everyone and memorable experiences for all our clients.
  • Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism
  • To uplift and implement value.
  • Hard work, dedication and achievement. 
  • To create opportunity and a support structure within our communities.
  • To bring positive change and deliver results.
  • To always implement our mission and receive results
  • To always provide insight and information throughout this journey.
  • To be a valued and respectable brand that strives towards excellence.
Marco Bosch



If Your PURPOSE Is To Bring Change, Then Please Feel Free To Reach Out

As an entrepreneur I am always open to work with other SMME's and individuals to bring change within our communities.