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When one reflects on the splendours of the Cape’s – lush green valleys, rugged mountains, beauty of the flora then the it refers to the Cape Winelands tour. The winelands houses the Western Cape’s three major wine valleys; Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschoek are usually top of the list. The Cape Winelands wine tourism is one of South Africa’s fastest growing industries. South Africa also has the largest number of Fairtrade certified wineries in the world.

The beauty of the Cape Winelands vineyards is easy on the eye, the wine mature and the cheese great. The Winelands tour will uncover its history with the aim to acquit yourself with the arrival of different European cultures. These cultures have since integrated with locals making South Africa a diverse country and priding itself in the art of winemaking.

There are few things more pleasurable than an excellent pairing of food and wine. Correctly paired food and wine can turn a regular meal into a five-star dining experience. Pairing food and wine does not have to be reserved for special occasions. If one knows which wines pair best with which entrees, a successful gustatory marriage can happen nightly.

One might wonder why food and wine pairing has been growing in popularity over the past 30 years. The primary reason why is because experts are discovering that there actually is something behind the perfect glass of wine with certain types of foods. Wine has several properties, each of which interacts with the foods people eat and their own taste buds. Science actually supports food and wine pairing and the differences in which types of wine match best with which types of food.

Places of Interest


Paarl wines are now world renowned, primarily for the quality of their Shiraz while Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinotage, Viognier and Cabernet Sauvignon are also increasingly well regarded, and the region is home to some of the Western Cape’s most influential wineries.

Less than an hour’s drive from Cape Town, the region north of Stellenbosch has earned international acclaim not only for its Paarl wines but also the breathtaking beauty of its natural surroundings. The name Paarl means ‘pearl’ and reflects the way the ancient granite mountains, which early Dutch settlers called ‘den Diamont ende Peerlbergh’ (‘the diamond and pearl mountain’), glisten in the distance.

First Vineyard

First and foremost, Fairview is a working farm, housing a collection of micro-businesses all sharing in a common goal – to create artisanal and sustainable produce, with a focus on fine wine and cheese. We’ve been caring custodians of our land since 1693, and invite you to come and visit us and see for yourself how our farm operates, supports the environment and contributes to a more holistic lifestyle. Everything we do is driven by our philosophy of being honest, honouring our heritage and ensuring that ingenuity perpetually flows from our soils and cellars and straight into the heart of your relationship with us. After all, at Fairview, we do things differently.


As you make your way into Franschhoek you will notice that most of the farms still bear their original French names, some complete with a spectacular Cape Dutch homestead, towering oaks and rolling vineyards. You will find an array of cellars, ranging from quaint boutique wineries that cater for those in search of something unique, to the large cellars that offer visitors organised tours and tastings.

The fertile Franschhoek Wine Valley is home to some of South Africa’s noble cultivars and classic styles. These range from superb whites such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Semillon and Chenin Blanc, to the full-bodied reds of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Merlot. The area also produces some of the country’s extraordinary Méthode Cap Classiques, which can all be enjoyed during a trip along the Franschhoek MCC Route.

Second Vineyard

Franschhoek Cellar, a beautiful asset to the Franschhoek wine route, combines the charms of leisurely country life with the elegance of a world-class venue. Enjoy wine tastings paired with Belgian chocolate or handmade cheese. Dine on alfresco style lunches in our fabulous garden, or sip on an artisanal beer in our bistro & beer garden. Franschhoek Cellar has a special selection of unique event venues within the space to ensure we host your most memorable occasion.

Third Vineyard

Originally from Bordeaux where our family owns 3 wine estates, we fell in love with South Africa during our many travels to the country. Our dream was to combine both, the Old & the New World, to make wines close to our vision of perfection. Therefore, we decided to purchase this boutique wine estate of 32 hectares (including 24 on vines) located in Simonsberg valley in 2004.


The beautiful little town of Stellenbosch, roughly an hour from Cape Town, lies surrounded by the Stellenbosch Mountains in the Jonkershoek River Valley in one of the most picturesque settings in the Cape.

The second oldest town in South Africa has fondly been called ‘Eikestad’ or city of oaks and its streets are lined with some of the most beautiful surviving examples of Cape Dutch, Georgian and Victorian architecture in the Cape. Dorp Street is a national monument and taking the time to walk around this cosy old part of Stellenbosch, with its secluded lanes, water furrows, cosmopolitan restaurants and coffee bistros, with superb views of mountain, vineyards and orchards, is an idyllic morning venture.


During your stay in the historic town of Stellenbosch you will have many activities and attractions that will suit all tastes.

A must do activity is to spend a day visiting the many historical buildings and museums in Stellenbosch. There truly is something for everyone in this town! From the V.O.C. Kruithuis, an old gunpowder house where war memorabilia is on display, to the Toy and Miniature Museum, where you can take a trip back to the good old days before computer games and mobile phones. The Village Museum is another must during your stay in Stellenbosch with its four lovely restored historic homes which you can view at your leisure, Schreuderhuis, Blettermanhuis, OM Berghhuis and the beautiful Grosvenor House.

A visit to any of these wonderful historical buildings is sure to be a memorable one, and is a must for anyone visiting Stellenbosch!

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Day 1

On the start of this Cape Winelands tour we will depart from Cape Town after picking you up from your hotel and head towards the east to the famous town of Stellenbosch, the second oldest town European settlement after Cape Town. A pre-dominantly Afrikaans speaking town boasting a number of significant Dutch architectural designs, museums and a wide range of over 100 wine farms.

In Stellenbosch we will be visiting a wine farm for some wine tasting and participating in a cellar tour and continuing the Cape Winelands tour with a self-walk through the streets of Stellenbosch and browsing through a variety of boutique store and to witness the enticing Dutch buildings.

Our tour of the Cape Winelands proceeds with a scenic drive to Franschoek, a wine valley to the east of Stellenbosch and south-west of Paarl known for its French feel. This beautiful town is of historical importance to the French Huguenots, a group of descendants who fled Europe due to religious wars in the 1600’s. The valley affords guests an opportunity to have a glimpse of what the Huguenots heritage preserved in the area.

The Cape Winelands tour will include a journey through the history of Franschoek with a cheese bite and a good glass of wine as we visit one of the top wine farms in the area. After some wine tasting we continue the Cape Winelands tour with a drive to the top of the mountain pass for a photo stop with panoramic views back across the valley.

By now we are deep in the Cape Winelands and we depart to Paarl, originally a Khoi-Khoi and San people area. Paarl welcomed its first European traders in the 1600’s. Similar to Stellenbosch the Cape Dutch architecture thrives in Paarl with a good fusion of the French Huguenots and European settlers of Dutch descendants. Paarl is also famous for its “Pearl of Paarl” a big granite mountain which is an iconic site for the town.

On our arrival in Paarl for the Cape Winelands tour, we will pass by the Afrikaans Language Monument en route to our last wine farm of the tour. We will stopping at Fairview Wine and Cheese Estate, situated on 350 hectares of decomposed granite soil on the south western slopes of the Paarl Mountain, Fairview Wine Estate is one of the pioneers of wine production in the region. You will have the opportunity to taste and pair your favorite premier tiered wines with a variety of goat’s cheese in a delightfully relaxed ambiance that was formerly one of the farm’s old wine cellars.

After a splendors time at the wine farm and enjoying all the wonders that the Cape Winelands tour has to offer we will make our way back to Cape Town and drop you off at your hotel.

Day 2
Stellenbosch city orientation

Day 3
Walk through the town of Stellenbosch to view some of the beautiful European architectural styles of various buildings.

Day 4
We visit the Village Museum for a journey back in time to the development of Stellenbosch. We visit four historic houses of historical interests with each house representing a different time period. The houses with interiors and their gardens have been restored to illustrate the particular style and taste of the time

Day 5
The next stop is at a well-known vineyard in Franschoek. In a relaxed atmosphere you will enjoy an amazing chocolate and wine pairing.

Day 6
Enjoy a walk within the town of Franschoek and stop for a photo at the Huguenot Monument.

Day 7
Next visit is to one of the most popular vineyards in the Cape Winelands region with a reputation that stretches back to 1693

Day 8
Enjoy a selection of wines in their world-renowned tasting room expertly paired with cow and goats milk cheeses.

Day 9
Our last stop will be within Stellenbosch at one of the French owned vineyard that strives to make French style wines with a touch of South African vibes. Enjoy a wine and biltong pairing overlooking the lush vineyards of the estate.

Tour Includes

  • Pick up and drop off at your accommodation
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Qualified tourist guide
  • Wine expertly paired with cow and goats milk cheeses (Vineyard within Paarl)
  • Wine paired with chocolate (Vineyard within Franschoek)
  • Wine paired with biltong/meat (Vineyard within Stellenbosch
  • Entrance fee to Museum

Tour Excludes

  • Meals
  • Any additional purchases to the itinerary
Do I need any wine experience to enjoy the Cape Winelands tour?

Not at all. Our Cape Winelands tour caters for all guests, on the Cape Winelands tour you will learn and experience new things and definitely gain some knowledge about our wines on this tour

Which wine farms will be visited on the Cape Winelands tour?

We mix it up now and then depending on the season and time of the year. Your tourist guide will ask you what type of wine you like and from there the tourist guide will know which wine farms offer the type of wines that you are interested in. An emphasis is put on spending time at the wine farms and not in the vehicle

What if the weather is bad?

The Cape Winelands tour is not weather permitting as most of the tasting rooms and wineries visited and lunch stops has suitable undercover options. Therefore, whether it’s raining or sunny the weather does not prevent us from enjoying some excellent wine

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Winelands Tour Full Day