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Khayelitsha Township Tour - 1 Day

Khayelitsha Township Tour

Khayelitsha Township Tour

Get a first-hand experience of the Khayelitsha township tour from local and qualified guide that resides within the townships. Take a moment and put yourselves in the footsteps of the desperate, rejected and dejected South African people. Appreciate the pain and the joys of the people of color in the Cape Flats and acknowledge their resilience in times of oppression and praise their undying spirits in their quest for freedom.

The Khayelitsha township tour provides you the extraordinary chance to connect, mingle and also share cultural principles with the local community. With warm hearts they will welcome you, with pride they will share their stories and with music they will dance for you. The people you meet on the township tour will leave you with a new appreciation of the South African philosophy of “Ubuntu” as they share a bit of insight into the daily life of the townships of Cape Town.

Through the Apartheid years many people were forced to live in certain areas due to their racial profile. This has also led to these areas having a distinctive culture and feel within Cape Town. It is these dynamic areas that you will explore on a fascinating half day township tour.

The township tour will depart from your hotel following a visit to the Bo-Kaap Malay Quarter. The township tour will proceed with a drive through District Six and stopping at the District Six Museum before making our way to the Langa township, the oldest black township in South Africa. The tour continues to Khayelitsha, the largest black township in Cape Town. Here we will be visiting the Philanni Empowerment Centre as well as a visit to a shack to experience the living conditions of the residents of the township and continuing to explore other areas of the Khayelitsha township to experience some of the recent achievements such as new house developments.

Township Tour Highlights:

  • Visit District Six Museum/ Sundays visit a church in township
  • Drive to Langa township
  • Visit Khayelitsha township
  • Visit thePhilanni Empowerment Centre
  • Morning Departure: 08h00 am to 09h00 am / Morning Return: 12h30 pm to 13h00 pm
  • Afternoon Departure: 13h00 pm to 14h00 pm / Afternoon Return: 17h30 pm to 18h00 pm

R595 per person

All tours depart from your Hotel or V&A Waterfront

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Day 1

This fun and informative township tour will start with a pick up from your hotel within the City Bowl of Cape Town and then making our way to the District Six Museum. The District Six Museum offers a colourful history into the area as it once was, as well as the Apartheid years and the area’s downfall which is today a popular highlight of townships tours in Cape Town. The District Six was once a flourished mixed race community where 60 000 people lived and worked but was demolished only to be reserved exclusively for whites.

From the District Six Museum the township tour will continue to the Langa township, Langa is South Africa’s oldest township established in the 1920’s, the Urban Areas Act was passed forcing black people to live in locations. The name Langa literally means “Sun” in Xhosa, the language which is mostly spoken amongst black South Africans in The Western Cape. The Langa township was planned for maximum visibility of the resident and maximum control.

The townships tour will include with a drive through Langa with commentary on its history, sharing how people have improved their homes ever since they were offered ownership compared to what it used to look like during the years of apartheid. We will be stopping for a photo stop at the site that commemorates the student uprising of 1976 while giving you some insight to the Pass Laws and the barracks built for the African migrant workers.

We will make our way further to the Khayelitsha township. Khayelitsha (“New Home” in Xhosa) is South Africa’s youngest and largest township and is another legacy of the countries racial segregation policies. In the years since Apartheid ended, Khayelitsha has benefited from improved formal infrastructure although, the entrepreneurial spirit of the people is still in full force. On this township tour you will be able to see shipping container shops and barber shops alongside more formal buildings. The people of the township are friendly and inviting and you will find many craftsman, artists and musicians just waiting to make you smile. Exploring Khayalitsha is always a surprising and rewarding experience.

Our next stop is at the Philani Development Centre, an island of green among the dense township housing. The centre’s current site was opened in 1995 to help woman and children in at risk communities. They now offer education and training to women, income-generating projects, pre-schools, an outreach and home-based nutrition and child health programs, a mothers-to-be programme, an orphan and vulnerable children programme and a dental project, as well as a care and support programme for HIV positive mothers and children

While here you can interact with the women who are empowered to earn an income through the Philani Weaving and Craft Projects. You can also spend some time with the teachers and kids at the preschool at the centre. You will hear true stories and struggles of the people who have been most affected by the troubling legacy of Apartheid.

Depending on a range of variables (i.e. day of the week, tiem of the day, size of the group, etc.) the township tour takes on a variety of formats to best suit you on the day. Within the Khayalitsha township the options include visiting a school where you will be entertained by the choir, which is always an overwhelming experience. Alternately a visit to the Iliso Care Society that is a multi-faceted outreach program that includes a soup kitchen, day care centre, sewing project and youth choir amongst other things. If time permitting we will be visiting any one of these places, regardless of the format we can assure you that every single encounter promises to be a potentially life changing experience where cultural values and personal experiences are exchanged at first-hand with the locals of the township.

The visit in the Khayalitsha township will be the conclusion of our township tour as well will be making our way back to the Cape Town City Bowl. Despite the tragic and often troubled history of Cape Town’s townships and informal settlements, the areas still retain a strong sense of culture, with a vibrant community atmosphere.

At the end of the township tour, after an incredible journey into Cape Town’s past and future, we head back to the city centre. This tour will leave you with great memories for a lifetime.

The Township Tour Includes

  • Pick up and drop off at your accommodation if you are staying within Cape Town City Bowl
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Qualified local tourist guide
  • District Six Museum entrance fee

The Township Tour Excludes

  • Lunch
  • Any additional purchases
“I don’t want to be a voyeur”, seems to be the most common concern that causes a deter for visiting the townships

There are so many reasons to visit our townships but we will focus on two reasons only. The first reason is the economic benefit for the township residents. Township Tourism creates jobs, driving down unemployment, putting bread on the table for many South Africans. The second reason concerns you the traveller. Bosch Travel and Tours will facilitate a profound personal and interactive cross cultural experience, helping to promote an understanding that whilst we are different, we are all the same in so many ways.

What is a township?

A township is the generic name for one of the many areas in South Africa that were designated for black and coloured (mixed race) Africans during the Apartheid era. Today, townships are essentially “suburbs” of the bigger cities

What is a township tour?

As the name implies, a township tour is a guided tour of a township that provides you with a close-up view of how the township residents really live

Who will conduct the township tour?

All our township tours are conducted by registered and qualified tour guides who have also grown up and live within the townships. Bosch Travel and Tours is a locally-owned business that provides opportunities and employment to people in the township and we aim to show our guests not only the challenges but many of the exciting developments that are taking place within the townships

Will we meet the locals?

Absolutely! This tour is aimed at meeting and interacting with real people in the townships

What will we see?

What you’ll see on every tour is different, but common sights include: local shops and restaurants, the different socio-economic areas within the Langa township, civic and community buildings and so on

What does the local community think of tourists and tourism?

The local people are welcoming of tourists and tourism. They both benefit and learn a lot from meeting the visitors who come to the townships

What should I bring/not bring with me?

Bring an open mind. Do not bring valuables, such as big cameras. You can bring your phone or a small camera to take photos. Comfortable shoes are recommended for walking

Why should I choose your company for a township tour?

Bosch Travel and Tours is a locally-owned and run company that employs local people and is aimed at spreading an understanding of our community and helping our community to develop. Tour fees go into employing local people and enhancing local businesses

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