Cape Point and Winelands Full Day Tour - 1 Day

Pressed for time and long for an unforgettable experience look no further than the opportunity to discover the breathtaking views of the Mother City, explore its fascinating Best of the Cape Tour. This tour encapsulates the best the Cape has to offer which includes the Cape Wine lands and the Cape Point tour giving you a truly authentic Cape Town experience. Let us offer you the best of Cape Town. Arise and let us drive you along the angelic views on the edges of the Atlantic Ocean for a satisfying experience before we drift inland for a taste of wine.

The definitive Cape Town tour, the Best of the Cape Tour encompasses all of the city’s top attractions and destinations. You will be travelling along the Atlantic seaboard with its gorgeous white beaches and rugged mountains to Hout Bay. Following with a drive on Chapman’s Peak, renowned as one of the most stunning roadways in the world. You will be visiting the Cape Point Nature Reserve, the tip of the Cape Peninsula that has captivated travelers for centuries with its dramatic scenery and fascinating history. The Best of the Cape Tour will continue with a visit to Simon’s Town for the African penguins at the Penguin Colony at Boulders Beach before setting off to the historic wine region of Stellenbosch. Just less than an hour outside Cape Town, set against the back drop of South Africa’s premier wines. You will have the opportunity for a tour through the historic town where much of the original Cape Dutch architecture has been beautifully reserved. The Best of the Cape Tour also affords you the opportunity of visiting award-winning wine estates that offers some of the best wine in the world for wine and cheese tasting.

Places of Interest

Chapmans Peak

‘You gotta do Chappies’ is a common refrain to hear in Cape Town. ‘Chappies’ is local speak for Chapman’s Peak Drive, and it’s one of Cape Town‘s most famous landmarks. It’s nine kilometres and 114 curves of breathtaking scenery that takes you from Noordhoek to Hout Bay or the other way around. Some say it is one of the most spectacular marine drives in the world.

Cape of Good Hope

Along with Cape Horn, the Cape of Good Hope is one of the world’s most famous navigational landmarks. Located at the meeting point between the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans, this geographical ‘accident’ is famous for its wild seas and the violent winds which beat up against it. It is also the great gate into the “Roaring Forties”. The Cape of Good Hope marks the point where a ship begins to travel more eastward than southward. Thus, the first modern rounding of the cape in 1488 by Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias was a milestone in the attempts by the Portuguese to establish direct trade relations with the Far East (although Herodotus mentioned a claim that the Phoenicians had done so far earlier). Dias called the cape Cabo das Tormentas (“Cape of Storms”; Dutch: Stormkaap), which was the original name of the “Cape of Good Hope”.

Cape Point

The lighthouse at Cape Point is the most powerful on the South African coast. It has a range of 63 kilometres, and beams out a group of three flashes of 10 million candlepower each, every 30 seconds. But, through history, mariners had taken a rather dimmer view of warning beacons around the Point.

A lighthouse was built In 1857, on Cape Point Peak, 238 metres above sea level. The equipment for the lighthouse had been shipped from England. However, because of its high position, clouds and fog often obscured the lighthouse. In fact, for an alarming 900 hours per year on average, its light was invisible to ships at sea at a certain angle.

Penguin Colony at Boulders Beach

This picturesque area, with enormous boulders dividing small, sandy coves, is home to a colony of some 3000 delightful African penguins. A boardwalk runs from the Boulders Visitor Centre at the Foxy Beach end of the protected area – part of Table Mountain National Park – to Boulders Beach, where you can get down on the sand and mingle with the waddling penguins. Don’t, however, be tempted to pet them: they have sharp beaks that can cause serious injuries.

The bulk of the colony, which has grown from just two breeding pairs in 1982, seems to prefer hanging out at Foxy Beach, where, like nonchalant, stunted supermodels, they blithely ignore the armies of camera-touting tourists snapping away on the viewing platforms. (The beach itself is off-limits to visitors.)

The aquatic birds, which are an endangered species, were formerly called jackass penguins on account of their donkey-like braying – you’ll have a chance to hear it if you turn up during the main breeding season, which peaks from March to May.

First Vineyard

Visit one of South Africa’s oldest vineyards with a recorded history dating back to 1692. While rooted in this heritage, we’ve got a vibrant and conscious energy, and are home to one of the largest collections of contemporary South African art.

Enjoy up-close-and-personal interactions with eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, kites, buzzards, snakes and lizards. Take part in heart-stopping falconry displays, where we fly birds to you. Kids will also enjoy our piglets, rabbits, tortoises, chickens and unique playground.


The beautiful little town of Stellenbosch, roughly an hour from Cape Town, lies surrounded by the Stellenbosch Mountains in the Jonkershoek River Valley in one of the most picturesque settings in the Cape.

The second oldest town in South Africa has fondly been called ‘Eikestad’ or city of oaks and its streets are lined with some of the most beautiful surviving examples of Cape Dutch, Georgian and Victorian architecture in the Cape.

Dorp Street is a national monument and taking the time to walk around this cosy old part of Stellenbosch, with its secluded lanes, water furrows, cosmopolitan restaurants and coffee bistros, with superb views of mountain, vineyards and orchards, is an idyllic morning venture.

Second Vineyard

A French and family owned vineyard from Bordeaux where their family owns 3 wine estates. An experience awaits with some bold red wines.

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Day 1

As the sun rises you rise with it for a drive that will remain engraved in your memory for as long as you live. Sit comfortable and let the knowledge and passion the guide shares with you sink in, listen as the guide educates and allow the eyes to see as the guide drives, and the memory to store all seen and heard.

The journey of the Best of the Cape tour begins with a pick up from your hotel before we take a drive through the Atlantic seaboard, a twisted belt comprising of suburbs such as Sea-point, Clifton, Camps bay and Hout Bay. The quiet and accommodative sea point lays North West of Signal hill, as we continue with the Best of the Cape tour passing through the affluent suburb of Clifton housing some of the most expensive properties and beaches. The place comprises of four beaches all boasting blue flag status. Stray ahead on the West of The tip of Table Mountain and enjoy the scenery, beauty of the bay at its best, clean white sandy beaches, five star hotels, night clubs and restaurants all supporting a vibrant, exciting and exorbitant night life. The Best of the Cape tour further affords you the opportunity for a picture moment in this affluent bay before proceeding with the Best of the Cape tour on the shadows of the twelve apostles’ mountain range capturing the glorious images and enjoying purified oxygen from the Atlantic Ocean. As we leave the mountain range behind and the suburb of Landudhno the Best of the Cape tour proceeds to the small town of Hout bay renowned for dishing some of the best seafood. We further head south towards Chapman’s peak, a road built on the face of a mountain giving spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, and known to provide good shades for picnics, which are spread over the high ground and also a highlight on the Best of the Cape tour. Enjoy an awesome scenery drive as we make our way to Cape Point, the magnificent views of Noordhoek beaches and properties, places such as Ocean View and Masiphumelele along the way onto the Cape Point Nature Reserve. Provide for your eyes with stunning flora and fauna in the Cape Point Nature Reserve as move closer to the Most Southern Western tip of Africa. Cape Mountain Zebras, Baboons, eland and over 250 bird species are found within the reserve. As we arrive at Cape Point you will have the opportunity to head up to the top to have a glance at South Africa’s oldest Lighthouse and outstanding views of the never ending Ocean’s waters. After our visit to Cape Point Nature Reserve we depart for Simon’s Town to visit the African Penguins at Boulders Beach.

As if the scenic beauty of the Cape Peninsula is not enough we continue the Best of the Cape tour to the Cape Wine lands and get on the False Bay drive through Simon’s Town, Fishhoek and Muizenberg. Muizenberg is a beautiful area with long white beaches and magnificent waterways that are nothing short of wonder to the eye. Drift away from joys and excitements that avail through drives along the ocean and move inland towards Stellenbosch, the second oldest in South Africa built by Simon Van De Stel. A town celebrated for its architectural Dutch, Georgian and Victorian structures. However it’s illustrious status a wine maker of note pulls a big number of visitors annually, do not miss out as we visited some of the award-winning wine estates in Stellenbosch. Find out the secrets behind wine making enjoy a taste of different wines and enjoy a cellar tour. Excite your eyes with the beautiful patterned vineyards.

After some wine and cheese tasting we conclude the Best of the Cape tour with a day filled with spectacular sights and fascinating insights into the region we make our way back to Cape Town. As the sun begins to set in the distance you can reflect back on the great memories you have made on this tour once you are back safely at your hotel.

Day 2
View Clifton beach, Camps Bay and Twelve Apostles mountain range

Day 3
Drive along Chapman’s Peak

Day 4
Cape Point Nature Reserve

Day 5
Cape Point Lighthouse

Day 6
Cape of Good Hope

Day 7
Visit Penguin Colony at Boulders Beach

Day 8
Drive through Simon’s Town, Kalk Bay and Muizenberg

Day 9
Visit one of South Africa’s oldest wine farms with a recorded history dating back to 1692 for a wine tasting experience

Day 10
Stellenbosch city orientation

Day 11
Walk through the town of Stellenbosch to view some of the beautiful European architectural styles of various buildings

Day 12
Our last stop will be within Stellenbosch at one of the French owned vineyard that strives to make French style wines with a touch of South African vibes. Enjoy a wine and biltong pairing overlooking the lush vineyards of the estate

Tour Includes

  • Pick up and drop off at your accommodation
  • Air-conditioned vehicle
  • Qualified tourist guide
  • Entrance fee to Cape Point Nature Reserve
  • Wine tasting (Vineyard within Stellenbosch)
  • Wine tasting (Vineyard within Stellenbosch)

Tour Excludes

  • Meals
  • Any additional purchases to the itinerary
  • Entrance fee to Penguin Colony at Boulders Beach
How big is Cape Point Nature Reserve?

Cape Point Nature Reserve is approximately 17 750 hectares of nature reserve and home to a variety of wildlife with over 250 species of birds

What is the approximate travelling time from Cape Town City Bowl to Cape Point Nature Reserve?

Cape Point is about 70km from the CBD. Getting there by car will take about 1h20 depending on traffic.

What is the cost of the Flying Dutchman Furnicular at Cape Point Nature Reserve?

The Flying Dutchman Funicular, also known as the Cape Point Funicular, is a funicular railway located at Cape Point. The costs are – Adult: R70 (return) / R55 (single) & Children (age 6-16) and pensioners: R30* (return) | R22* (single) *Wednesdays only

Are the any shops at Cape Point Nature Reserve?

There are three superb stores located near the Flying Dutchman Funicular upper and lower stations at which to purchase a range of Cape Point, and traditionally South African, memorabilia, curios and souvenirs.

Do I need any wine experience to enjoy the Best of the Cape tour?

Not at all. Our Best of the Cape tour caters for all guests, on the Best of the Cape tour you will learn and experience new things and definitely gain some knowledge about our wines on this tour

Which wine farms will be visited on the Best of the Cape tour?

We mix it up now and then depending on the season and time of the year. Your tourist guide will ask you what type of wine you like and from there the tourist guide will know which wine farms offer the type of wines that you are interested in. An emphasis is put on spending time at the wine farms and not in the vehicle

What if the weather is bad?

The Best of the Cape tour is not weather permitting as most of the tasting rooms and wineries visited and lunch stops has suitable undercover options. Therefore, whether it’s raining or sunny the weather does not prevent us from enjoying some excellent wine

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Cape Point and Winelands Full Day Tour